Expedition 61 Soyuz Rollout

The gantry arms close around the Soyuz rocket after it was raised into vertical position on the launch pad, Monday, Sept. 23, 2019 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. via NASA https://ift.tt/2l2GOGk


Hubble Takes Closer Look at Not-So-'Dead' Neighbor

Because they lack stellar nurseries and contain mostly old stars, elliptical galaxies — Like Messier 110 — are often considered “dead” when compared to their spiral relatives. But scientists have spotted signs of a population of young, blue stars at Messier 110's center, hinting that this neighbor of our Milky Way may not be so “dead” after all. via NASA https://ift.tt/34ZfN99


Layers in Mars' Danielson Crater

This image shows sedimentary rock and sand within Danielson Crater, an impact crater about 42 miles or 67 kilometers in diameter, located in the southwest Arabia Terra region of Mars. via NASA https://ift.tt/2LCWPNJ


Space Station Downlink with Actor Brad Pitt

Actor Brad Pitt speaks with NASA astronaut Nick Hague who is onboard the International Space Station, Monday, Sept. 16, 2019. via NASA https://ift.tt/2LzuNmb


Franklin Chang-Diaz Performs a Spacewalk on the STS-111 Mission

In this mage from June 2002, astronaut Franklin R. Chang-Diaz works with a grapple fixture during a spacewalk to perform work on the International Space Station. via NASA https://ift.tt/34NT53K


Mae Jemison Trains for Her Space Shuttle Flight

Mae Jemison, the first black woman in space, participated in crew egress training for Space Shuttle Endeavour's STS-47 mission during the Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test. via NASA https://ift.tt/34FXpBR


Remembering September 11th and Looking to the Future

This 2019 photo of Manhattan, taken by astronaut Nick Hague from aboard the International Space Station, shows a city totally recovered from the attack on September 11, 2001. via NASA https://ift.tt/2LL0O9R


Testing and Training on the Boeing Starliner

NASA astronaut Mike Fincke works through a check list inside a mockup of Boeing's CST-100 Starliner during a simulation at NASA's Johnson Space Center on Aug. 21, 2019. via NASA https://ift.tt/2A3vb63

Learning to Track Water Using NASA Satellite Data

It's Back to School Week and NASA has activities to keep students motivated. via NASA https://ift.tt/303wVqt


Clues for Mars in the Australian Outback

Scientists with NASA's Mars 2020 mission and the European-Russian ExoMars mission traveled to the Australian Outback to hone their research techniques. via NASA https://ift.tt/34sZ79G


Satellite Captures Four Tropical Cyclones from Space

On Sept. 4, 2019, a loose chain of tropical cyclones lined up across the Western Hemisphere. via NASA https://ift.tt/32yqDAC


An Infrared View of the M81 Galaxy

Located in the northern constellation of Ursa Major, which also includes the Big Dipper, nearby galaxy Messier 81 is easily visible through binoculars or a small telescope. via NASA https://ift.tt/2ZOK7iS


Jessica Meir Climbs Aboard a Soyuz Trainer

At the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Russia, Expedition 61 crewmember Jessica Meir of NASA climbs aboard a Soyuz trainer during final crew qualification exams on Aug. 30. via NASA https://ift.tt/2HFmqDy


Hurricane Dorian Seen From Aboard the Space Station

NASA astronaut Christian Koch snapped this image of Hurricane Dorian as the International Space Station during a flyover on Monday, September 2, 2019. via NASA https://ift.tt/2Uq1OE8


Hubble Views Final Stages of a Star’s Life

NGC 5307, a planetary nebula that lies about 10,000 light-years from Earth, can be seen in the constellation Centaurus. via NASA https://ift.tt/2Llc1h6


Celebrating Spitzer's Sweet Sixteen

Spitzer Space Telescope into orbit around the Sun on Aug. 25, 2003. Since then, the observatory has been lifting the veil on the wonders of the cosmos, from our own solar system to faraway galaxies, using infrared light. via NASA https://ift.tt/2NF8CMW


Lifting the Space Launch System Core Stage Into Place

NASA cleared a milestone in preparation for Green Run testing of its Space Launch System (SLS) core stage with the lift and installation of the core stage pathfinder simulator onto the B-2 Test Stand. via NASA https://ift.tt/2ztaoZb


Astronaut Andrew Morgan Performs His First Spacewalk

West Point graduate, physician and NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan is pictured working outside the International Space Station . via NASA https://ift.tt/32clUER


Christine Darden: From Human Computer to Engineer

In 1967, Christine Darden was added to the pool of 'human computers' who wrote complex programs and tediously crunched numbers for engineers at NASA's Langley Research Center. via NASA https://ift.tt/2NwYzJW


Hubble Captures Dynamic Dying Star

This Hubble image shows a dark, gloomy scene in the constellation of Gemini (the Twins). The subject of this image confused astronomers when it was first studied — rather than being classified as a single object, it was instead recorded as two objects, owing to its symmetrical lobed structure. via NASA https://ift.tt/2Nr3vQv


Wildfires in the Brazilian Rainforest Creating Cross Country Smoke

Amazon rainforest fires causing smoke to drift across the whole of Brazil. via NASA https://ift.tt/2Z9MYHv


A View of the National Space Council

A member of the audience takes a picture with their phone as Vice President Mike Pence is introduced during the sixth meeting of the National Space Council. via NASA https://ift.tt/2ZjgohR


SpaceX Dragon Crew Emergency Evacuation Rehearsal

A quick moving storm passes as teams from NASA and SpaceX practice procedures for medical emergency evacuation onboard the GO Searcher ship, Friday, August 15, 2019. via NASA https://ift.tt/2Hi66bv


3D Printing and the Future of Aeronautics

Today is National Aviation Day and progress is ongoing in the next evolution of air mobility – all thanks to emerging 3D printing technology. via NASA https://ift.tt/30sZrCI


Hubble’s Portrait of Star’s Gaseous Glow

Although it looks more like an entity seen through a microscope than a telescope, this rounded object, named NGC 2022, is certainly not algae or tiny, blobby jellyfish. Instead, it is a vast orb of gas in space, cast off by an aging star. via NASA https://ift.tt/33DMs3i


NASA and SpaceX: Dragon Crew Extraction Rehearsal

On August 13, 2019, NASA astronauts Doug Hurley, left, and Bob Behnken continue to work with teams from NASA and SpaceX to rehearse crew extraction from SpaceX’s Crew Dragon. via NASA https://ift.tt/2z2gPSN


Studying How Arctic Wildfires Change the World

Standing among dead black spruce trees in a burned area near Delta Junction, Richard Chen dug soil sampling pits throughout the burned area. via NASA https://ift.tt/2TwSoX1


A Full Moon Over the Pacific

The crew of the International Space Station snapped this image of a full Moon as the orbiting complex flew 270 miles above the South Pacific Ocean off the coast of South America. via NASA https://ift.tt/2Z9HMmw


One Year of NASA's Parker Solar Probe

The Parker Solar Probe's WISPR instrument saw the solar wind streaming past during the spacecraft's first solar encounter in November 2018. via NASA https://ift.tt/2Md6X1m


Hubble Catches 2 Galaxies at Play

This galactic duo is known as UGC 2369. The galaxies are interacting, meaning that their mutual gravitational attraction is pulling them closer and closer together and distorting their shapes in the process. via NASA https://ift.tt/2MRIhuS


Hubble Spots Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

This new Hubble Space Telescope view of Jupiter, taken on June 27, 2019, reveals the giant planet's trademark Great Red Spot, and a more intense color palette in the clouds swirling in Jupiter's turbulent atmosphere than seen in previous years. via NASA https://ift.tt/33lm7qv


Seven Years After Landing, Curiosity Rover is Still Rock N' Rolling

Our Curiosity rover has come a long way since touching down on Mars seven years ago. It has traveled a total of 13 miles (21 kilometers) and ascended 1,207 feet (368 meters) to its current location. via NASA https://ift.tt/2KxLMnj


Our Sun Today

NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory, or SDO, was the first mission to be launched for NASA's Living With a Star (LWS) Program, and is designed to understand the causes of solar variability and its impacts on Earth. via NASA https://ift.tt/2Yr24rX


Colonel Raja Chari: NASA Astronaut Candidate

NASA astronaut candidate Raja Chari climbs into a NASA T-38 aircraft. via NASA https://ift.tt/2M1Dfwj


This Week in NASA History: First Use of the Lunar Roving Vehicle – July 31, 1971

This week in 1971, Apollo 15 became the first mission to use the Lunar Roving Vehicle. via NASA https://ift.tt/2YuDDoN


Viewing the Mediterranean Coasts of Tunisia and Libya from the Space Station

The Mediterranean coasts of Tunisia and Libya and the Italian island of Sicily across the sea are pictured as the International Space Station orbited 260 miles above north Africa. via NASA https://ift.tt/32ZCby6


NASA Pilot Rich Rogers: "All Good Things ..."

For NASA Wallops Flight Facility research pilot Rich Rogers, July 26 brought an end to one of the things in his life that he has greatly enjoyed – flying Navy and NASA aircraft. via NASA https://ift.tt/2ZimWOn


Hubble Snaps a Galactic Potpourri of Particles

The sharply angled perspective in this Hubble image of spiral galaxy NGC 3169 makes it seem as if we, the viewers, are craning our necks to see over a barrier into the galaxy's bright center. In the case of NGC 3169, this barrier is the thick dust embedded within the galaxy's spiral arms. via NASA https://ift.tt/2YlsJFR


Seeing the World With a Drone

A drone moves high above downtown Reno, Nevada on the afternoon of June 23, 2019 as part of NASA’s TCL-4 (Technology Capability Level) operation. via NASA https://ift.tt/2GrZFlS


50 Years Ago Today: Apollo 11 Command Module Recovered After Splashdown

The Apollo 11 Command Module is hoisted aboard the USS Hornet, the prime recovery vessel for the historic Apollo 11 lunar landing mission. via NASA https://ift.tt/2y6PJJI


Christopher Kraft at Flight Console

Christopher C. Kraft, Jr., who died July 22, 2019, created the concept of NASA's Mission Control and developed its organization, operational procedures and culture via NASA https://ift.tt/2M5U1cB


Visions of Apollo 11: Command Service Module Orbits the Moon

This image shows the Command Service Module orbiting the Moon as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin explored the lunar surface. via NASA https://ift.tt/2O89ewv


Apollo 11 and Landing Site 2 in the Sea of Tranquility

This photographic illustration compares the size of Apollo 11 Landing Site 2 with that of the metropolitan New York City area. via NASA https://ift.tt/2JPCliF


Soyuz Heads to the Launch Pad in Black and White

In this black and white infrared image, the Soyuz rocket is seen as it transported to the launch pad by train, Thursday, July 18, 2019 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. via NASA https://ift.tt/2JMTJod


Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins Talks to Apollo 11 and Artemis 1 Launch Teams

Then and Now: Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins talks to Apollo 11 and Artemis 1 Launch Teams in Firing Room 1 at Kennedy Space Center. via NASA https://ift.tt/2JBx67u


50 Years Ago Apollo 11 Launches Into History

At 8:32 a.m. EST, July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 launched from Florida on a mission to the Moon. via NASA https://ift.tt/2lweTyp


Artist Russ Arasmith's Visions of Apollo

Artist Russ Arasmith's vision of Apollo was a potent vision of the program that shows in the works he created. via NASA https://ift.tt/32qhsTK


Hubble Peers at Galactic Cherry Blossoms

The galaxy NGC 1156 resembles a delicate cherry blossom tree flowering in springtime in this Hubble image. The many bright "blooms" within the galaxy are in fact stellar nurseries — regions where new stars are springing to life. via NASA https://ift.tt/2JEsoof


Delivering Saturn Test Hardware to Marshall in July 1964

In July 1964, the first Saturn V S-IVB, or third stage test hardware, was delivered to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center via NASA https://ift.tt/2NMBt3C


Growing VEGGIEs in Space

Leafy greens are growing in space! via NASA https://ift.tt/2YMyx84